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Our integrated cloud-based voice and video solutions provide a boost of professionalism for your organization.

FlexVone Business Phone

Enjoy a comprehensive suite of more than 60 unified features like:

  • Conference-bridge to host conference calls

  • Call recording, perfect for training new employees 

  • Ring Groups, for quicker call routing and better customer service

  • The FlexVone App so you never miss a call

  • Toll Free calling throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico

All of our 60+ features are included for one great rate!

No add-ons or hidden fees! Communications Made Simple!

Get FlexVone

Complete List of Available Features

Our complete list of 60+ features comes standard with all subscriptions. No extra fees!


Mobile App

Our FlexVone mobile app allows you to conduct business on the go from any device. Never miss a call again.

group (4).png

Ring Groups

Set up grouping where all open phones in a department will ring. This helps calls get answered faster and improves customer service.

dial (1).png

Extension to Extension Dialing

Quickly ring somebody across the office or even in another office by just entering their extension. Saves time.


Unlimited Calling

Never worry about exceeding call limits again with unlimited calling.


3 Way Calling

Talk to 2 other people at the same time. Save time by not having to make two separate calls.


Ringing Extension Pickup

Answer any ringing extension from your own phone. Perfect for when the admin or other staff members are on vacation but you don’t want business to slow down.


External Call Log

View thorough data including dates, times, duration, users, extensions dialed, and the final action of both incoming and outgoing calls from every extension.


Tenant DID Routing Setting

Answering a call that was parked for you.


Call Park

Park a call for pickup by a designated user

phone-call (1).png

Call Pickup

Answering a call that was parked for you.


IVR/Auto Attendant

Greet callers with a customized message and send them to the right extension. Perfect for getting customers where they need to go quicker.

video-call (1).png

Call Recording

All calls can be recorded. Perfect for monitoring customer service quality in a call center or as a training tool for team members.

meeting (1).png


Easily host a conference call with up to ten attendees. Attendees can be scheduled to join the call or can join without reservations. Conference calls can also be recorded.

voice-message (2).png

Voicemail to Email

Have your voicemails converted to emails so you can quickly read them on your cell phone while on the go.


Selective Acceptance

Accept calls coming to you from a specific number This feature allows you to direct calls immediately to your extension, bypassing all call options, auto-attendants, and gates (whitelisting).


Selective Rejection

Blocking/Blacklisting of numbers. Once a number has been blacklisted, all calls from that number will be automatically rejected.


Call Queues

Improve customer service by dropping calls into queues so callers know exactly where they are in line.



forward incoming calls to an internal extension or an outside number.


+Busy Forward

Forward a call to another line if the current line is busy.


+No Answer/Forward

Forward calls to another number when there is no answer.


+Selective Forward

Select which calls get forwarded. Base this off a predefined list of numbers???


+Absent/Unavailable Forward

Forward calls to somebody else when the current caller is absent or unavailable.


+Time Based Forward

Route your calls to different places automatically based on time of the day and/or day of the week.


+Shift Based Forward

Forward your calls based on work shifts.


Intercom Dialing

With intercom you can reach any colleague in any office and announce calls, visitors, and deliver quick live voice messages from your desk phone.


Conference Bridge

Easily host a conference call with up to ten attendees. Attendees can be scheduled to join the call or can join without reservations. Conference calls can also be recorded.


+Break In

Set yourself back available after break. This is also a good way for managers without time clocks to monitor breaks.


+Break Out

Forward your calls when it is time for break so no calls are missed.


Do Not Disturb

Set your phone to not receive any calls (like silent mode)


+Queue Login/Logout

A call queue is a group in which incoming calls are automatically distributed among participating agents.



Enter a conversation between two other parties by barging in.


Music On Hold

Improve the customer experience by playing pleasant music while calls are on hold.


Fax To Email

Turn your Emails into a Fax quickly and easily.

email (1).png

Email To Fax

Turn your Emails into a Fax quickly and easily.


Call Pickup from Designated Slot

Answering a call that was parked in a user defined slot.

phone-book (2).png

Call Last Dialed/Received

Allows a user to redial the last number called or received. Connect quickly with one click.

dial (2).png


Stop guessing what an employee’s number or extension is. Find their extension using only their name in the convenient dial by name directory.


Enable Extension DND

DO Not Disturb.

email (1).png

Instant Messaging

Use the FlexVone app to send instant messages while on the go.

customer-service (3).png

Custom Caller ID Tagging

Tag certain numbers with a custom tag that you make up.

intercom (1).png


Turn all of the phones in your office into an intercom. A great feature for schools, large companies, or anybody who needs to make company-wide announcements.


Customized Greetings

Set up customized welcome greetings to greet your callers. Your greetings don’t have to be limited to voicemail and auto-attendants—create a custom message to use at any point in your call.



Paging allows users to quickly reach another colleague by communicating over the two-way speakerphone without waiting for a ring.

login (2).png

Direct Inward System Access

Forward a call to another line if the current line is busy.


Blind/Attended Transfer

Transfer calls to other phones and choose to either notify the recipient first or not.


Video Calling

Access to video calling through the app and chrome extension.


CRM Integration

Integrate your phone system into any of the major CRM systems like Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Zoho and more.

voice-message (2).png

Voicemail (Direct or Remote Access)

virtual voicemail system is stored in the cloud, allowing you to access it over the internet from your email, smart device, or any outside line.



You can talk to staff/agents while they are on the line without the person on the other end hearing them. This is commonly used in call centers for training purposes.



Dial programmed numbers by pressing 1 or 2 digit codes. Dial the 1 to 2 digit code to connect with your most important or most called contacts.

dial (1).png

Dial Number Anonymously

Call another number and hide your contact information from the receivers’ caller ID.



Listen in on phone conversations without either party knowing. This is a great way to monitor call performance.


Call Screening

Screen out unwanted calls.

fax (4).png

Call And Fax From Same Line

Allows you to use a single phone line in order to make or receive calls and also to send faxes.


Ringing Ext. Pickup from Group

Answer calls going to a designated ring group even if you are not part of that group. Perfect if you want to answer calls coming into your sales ring group before or after hours.

chrome (1).png

Chrome Extension

Use the Chrome extension hooked to our app in order to make and receive calls from your computer.


Find Me

Find Me rings multiple phones in multiple locations until one is answered. Easily Program the paths for your simultaneous ring and call forwarding to follow.


Follow Me

Route your calls to any phone you want so you never miss a call again.

Cloud Upgrade Pricing

Flex Monthly

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Month to Month

Flex Annual

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As low as 21.99 v2.png

1 Year Agreement

Flex X2

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as low as 1999 v2.png

2 Year Agreement

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