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3 Main Advantages of VoIP Phone Service

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

VoIP service has been around for almost a quarter of a century now and during that time it has continuously improved. Due to all the improvements the question is not, “Should you get VoIP”, it is “Why don’t you already have VoIP service?” VoIP is far superior to landline service. Below are the three main advantages of VoIP phone service.

Cost, Cost, Cost

The cost of VoIP service is significantly less than the cost of a traditional phone system. Just like with traditional phone service, there are some upfront costs. For example, you are going to need a phone that will handle VoIP (one that connects to the internet). You are also going to need a reliable internet connection. Chances are your business likely already has a good internet connection in place for billing and payment purposes.

Once the initial upfront costs are taken care of VoIP can save a business up to 60% each month. Some VoIP companies still charge a small fee per call, but most companies have unlimited local and long distance calling. You are also going to get a lot more while spending less. This brings us to the next main advantage.

Features – Improving the Customer Experience These days the customer experience is one of the biggest factors in both winning and retaining customers. In the marketing world it is as big as content creation and inbound marketing was 10 years ago. Think for a second about how much you and/or your employees use your phones every day. Each time somebody calls your company and gets a busy single, gets put on hold, can’t figure out how to get to the right person, or has to leave a voicemail you are creating a less than desirable customer experience.

These days’ patience is shorter and people want or even demand immediate satisfaction. Instead of a busy signal, imagine that each call is answered after one ring where the caller is quickly greeted and routed directly to sales and your ring group is set for the first available agent to answer. When you get really busy your call queue tells the caller their position in line. These features enhance the customer experience. If you are a smaller business maybe you would get the most use out of the find me/follow me features which can ensure that a caller can reach you at home, in the office, in a second office or on the road.

VoIP companies like ours offer more than 60+ features for one low monthly rate, while traditional landline phone companies offer just a handful of basic features and sometimes even charge extra for them. When it comes to features and the flexibility of implementing those features VoIP cannot be beat.

Voice Quality

What once was thought to be a drawback of VoIP service is now one of its biggest strengths. Because voice information has to be taken apart and put back together again digitally there used to be latency issues that could arise. However, due to modern advancements in hardware technology and increased internet speeds, VoIP voice quality far surpasses that of traditional landline service.

When you combine, low cost, a huge selection of features and better voice quality than traditional phone service the decision to switch is a simple one. Your customers will love the new improved customer experience and your business will reap the benefits.


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