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Is VoIP Right For Your Business?

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Whether you operate a small work-from-home business or a large corporate entity, phone communication is still going to be a standard requirement. However, with new technology taking over much of how we do business these days, there should be no surprise that you can also use the internet for telephone services. We’re not talking Skype or Facetime here, either. It’s called VoIP.

What The Heck Is VoIP And Do I Need To Know?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a fancy way of saying you are using online telephony instead of traditional phone line systems that are hardwired to your business location. Essentially, you would be using many technologies to deliver voice communication, multimedia and other tech over IP networks – the internet.

What Are The Benefits of VoIP?

1 – No Physical Equipment On-Site

Imagine being able to operate a business telephone system minus the switchboard and banks of wires and electronics stacked somewhere in a corner. Not only will you have the extra space for something else, but you also won’t have the added expense of telephone companies coming by to do stuff with it. You know, upgrades, regular maintenance, and those dreaded phone system repairs.

VoIP Business Phone Service

2 – Got Access Online? Access Your Phone System

It doesn’t matter where you access the internet – from a coffee shop on a tropical island to your home wifi – you will be able to use your fully functional phone system. Redirect calls, download messages and call data anywhere you happen to be with the same amount of ease as you would if you were sitting in your office doing the same, minus the sunscreen and margaritas.

3 – ZIP Codes Mean Squat To VoIP

In the case of businesses that have employees or staff working in multiple offices in different locations, VoIP provides a single phone system that can be shared by multiple users. It is flexible enough to be set up in minutes and can be expanded or reduced quickly and easily to address needs that traditional telephone systems would take time and money to do.

4 – It Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Wallet

Operating costs can really cut into the profit of any kind of business. VoIP is considerably cheaper than traditional telecom services, and most companies (like ours) offer the ability to pay monthly and avoid being locked into a contract. There are packages that fit large enterprise businesses as well a small start-up on a very tight budget.

Is VoIP Right For Your Business?

That depends. Do you want a phone system that you can access anywhere online, is flexible to grow with your needs, takes up no space and is always completely up-to-date whenever you need it? If this sounds attractive to you – beyond the fact that it is your most affordable phone service option – then possibly you should be taking a longer look at switching to VoIP.


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