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  • Bob Francis

How To Switch Your Business To VoIP

VoIP phone systems have improved considerably in the past few years and thanks to continued advancements in new technology, it couldn’t be easier to ditch your current phone provider. Once you get a chance to experience the call clarity and advanced phone features for less, you will be clamoring to get out from under the control of your traditional phone service. But not sure how to jump ship? Here’s a step-by-step guide to provide you with assistance.

Step 1 – How Many Users Will There Be?

It’s a numbers game. Once you have a clear idea of how many employees are going to be accessing the system, you’ll be able to determine how many lines, extensions and features will be required.

Step 2 – Can Your Internet Handle It?

The speed of your office internet connection can be both a bridge and a hurdle. By getting a speed test done you’ll know instantly whether or not your current connection will be able to handle the VoIP system. Too slow a connection means dropped calls and crappy quality.

Step 3 – What Is Your Phone Budget?

Assuming that your internet connection is blazing fast, and your goal is to switch your business phone system to VoIP, you now need to put together a budget. That’s because VoIP offers so many freakin cool features and you know you want them all.

Step 4 – Can You Prioritize Your Choices?

Hey, if you are already in business you should have a handle on this part. Once you learn about all the fascinating features that are available, you will have to narrow it down to the ones that are most important to you and the way your business functions.

Step 5 – There’s More Than One VoIP Service?

Now the fun part. With cloud communication, you are going to encounter several different service providers. Each will have pros and cons and you will have to do some homework to figure out which one offers the best fit for what you need. Be sure to read the fine print and avoid any providers that have low intro fees with drastic price hikes later on, and the ones who have auto renewal policies. That is unless you like wasting money or being stuck in a bad contract.

Step 6 – Do You Need Anything Special to Get Started?

Once you have chosen the VoIP service you are convinced will provide all your business needs now and in the future, it’s time to do some shopping. Well, VoIP services don’t need a bunch of special gear, but you will need a VoIP phone. Often you can easily purchase these when signing up.

Step 7 – How Does This Thing Work?

The last step is to plug your phone into your router. Your provider will handle setting up your phone and porting over your number so you can focus on business. Once you are switched over you can relax and start making those important business calls for lunch takeout or whatever.

Have You Ditched Your Traditional Phone Service Yet?

Well, there you have it. We have explained in seven easy steps how you can severe the ties with the Phone Company and jump over to the world of Voice-over Internet Protocol (AKA) #cloudcommunication. We call it #VoIP for short because it’s fun to say and even more fun to use. It is particularly great for business use and can save you 20%-40% over your existing phone system!



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