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Don’t Get Overcharged By Large Telecommunication Companies

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Today’s post is more like a Public Service Announcement because we are tired of seeing large #telecommunications companies take advantage of business owners. At FlexVone, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers, because it is the little things in business that often mean so much.

When you are a locally owned private company treating your customers well is what you do. Checking in to see how a customer is doing or if they need anything. Keeping them informed when we launch new features so they can put them into use. Setting up their phones before they get delivered so they don’t need to learn all about VoIP and setting up a phone system on the first day. These are just a few examples of the many things that we love to do to help our customers.

How many companies can truly provide this level of customer service these days? The answer is not many. We talk to customers every day who want to switch their business telephone service over to us and the reason we hear most often is that they are unhappy with their current service and rate. But it is why they are unhappy about their rate that is the biggest concern.

It is well known that large telecommunication companies seem much more concerned with getting new customers in the door than they are about how they treat those customers once they sign-up. To win new customers, generally, some kind of packaged deal is created with Cable TV and Internet, or Internet and #BusinessPhone Services.

The reason for bundling services is because if they lock customers into multiple services at the same time businesses are much less likely to switch any services in the future. The provider then has all the control and if the customer tries to unbundle their services they can raise the rate for the remaining service to an astronomical level. Other times rates are just raised drastically for all services at the end of the contract or after a certain period of time. We have seen plenty of phone bills where rates were almost doubled for services after a year. Sadly, this is the way large telecommunications corporations choose to treat their customers. Sure costs of doing business can increase over time and impact rates but these increases are no more than an attempt to soak the customer because they feel that they can.

Here at #FlexVone, we don’t want to see potential clients getting taken advantage of by large greedy communications companies. Not only will we match or beat the price you are getting from your current provider (even before the price hike hits) we also aren’t going to double rates when a contract expires. We just don’t believe that is the right way to treat valuable clients.

So when looking for a VoIP company for your business choose one that has your companies best interest at heart and isn’t looking to just bring you in the door just to see how much money they drain get out of you.


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